Never Ending Love

Title: Nver Ending Love

Author: newshawol

Main Cast: Taemin, Yu-Mi

Rating: General

Genre: Friendship, Sad (?)

A/N: Hello! Ini oneshot pertama-ku.. dan udah pernah aku post di AFF. Maaf ya, grammar-nya ancur… Ini aku buat waktu SMP… jadi.. ancur. Hahaha.. jangan lupa.. yang udah mampir.. tinggalin jejak yah 😀

“…Love from everyone never change who you are. Love never makes you weak. Even thought love made you hurt… it always makes you stronger. Love from your couple bring you happiness, love from family bring you strength, but love from best friend bring you all; happiness, strength, adventure, and lesson. And that love will always be in your heart…”

Taemin P.O.V

I first saw the girl in one hospital in Seoul. I got injured after performed in one country. When I went to the hospital’s library (cool… it was the first time I saw library in hospital), I met this girl. I took a comic when I saw this girl was listening to the music with earphone and read the novel. She sat on one read-chair.

The girl used same clothes with me; nursing clothes—light blue with soft brown lines. So, the girl was had nursing too, like me. I walked to the girl and sat in front of her. She looked me and didn’t say anything for a while. I smiled to her and then she gasped. Her brown eyes were getting bigger.

“Gosh… You must be Taemin from SHINee!” she shouted with very soft voice. Okay, she had an alto voice but she still can whisper. I smiled again to her and say hello. She smiled back and stuck her hand, “I’m Gloria. My Korean name is Jung Yu-Mi. I thought my name is like Japanese name but that’s real Korean name.”

“Yumi? Yeah… my fans from Japan sent me a letter. Her name is Yumi,” I replied.

She smiled and stopped listen the music. “When everyone write their name with alphabet, they combine they name—example your name ‘Tae-Min’, but you wrote it ‘Taemin’—as they like. But I never combine my name. I always write it ‘Yu-Mi’ not ‘Yumi’,” she explained.

Seriously, I didn’t really understand what she talking about. But I understood that I must call her ‘Yu-Mi’, not ‘Yumi’.

She was the weirdest girl I’ve ever met. She talked about many weird things like how your mole grow, why we have different shapes of fingers, how long your hair can grow a day, etc. After about half hour she talked about weird things—but actually that were interesting—she talked about boy-band, example SHINee.

Because I knew many things about boy-band, I talked much and she laughed loudly. She said that she was shock when knowing that I love to talk much. I laughed loudly when heard that silly things.

Yu-Mi was an Indo-Holland girl. She went to Korean because she must get better nursing. She got a bad illness. She didn’t tell me what kind of illness is that. The only one I knew was she got the nursing in this hospital for one year. Oh my… one year!

I told about Yu-Mi to other SHINee’s members that got injured too like me. Yu-Mi and other members were getting closer easily. We spent our time together. This day, was the day for me to go back to my home. I’ve been here for a week, but I never feel bored because I got new fantastic friend like Yu-Mi.

“So, do you still here after this day?” I asked her.

She smiled to me and sighed, “I always here. I never go out since I got nursing.” She looked at me and grinned, “What’s wrong? Do you longing for me?” she laughed again.

“Of course no…” I disputed. But then I laughed, “But maybe yes…”

“I’m right! Well, visit me if you are longing for me. I will still here so that we can meet again.”

I nodded, “By the way, actually… what kind of illness that you’ve got?”

She thought a while, “Must I tell you?” she asked with bright face. I nodded. “Okay… mm… I got a cancer; lungs cancer. And, because when I was a child I had overweight, my lungs—not my heart—have been weak.”

 I startled. I eyed her with unbelievable gaze. She looked at me with weird face and laughed. “Why you show that silly face? Relax…” she laughed again.

Seriously, is this girl being crazy? How can she laugh when she has a dangerous tumor in her body? I eyed her confused, “Yu-Mi-ssi… why do you laugh? There’s nothing funny. Don’t you feel afraid of your illness?”

“Your face is definitely funny!” she laughed again, “Mm… Scared? I don’t know… I have God who always support me… and also my family. I live not for sad. I live for share my love to others.” Suddenly, a nurse came to us and spoke with Yu-Mi. I could hear what the nurse talks about. Yu-Mi must get an injection like usual.

“Whoa… I must go now, Taemin. I really hope that you will always healthy. Bye!” she stood up and waved to me. She bowed her head when followed the nurse.

Though she bowed her head, I could see her gaze. Sadly gaze. I was really-really sure that what’s in her feling or mind was different with what she said. She said that she don’t scared, but she still a young girl that didn’t want to get any illness.

Key P.O.V

I heard from Taemin that Yu-Mi, our new friend had a cancer. What the hell?! She was really a nice and smart girl. She was young and polite. She was funny and love to laugh. But why she must get that silly-crazy-weird illness?

Taemin seriously changed after that. He looked sad and she smiled rarely. He always visits Yu-Mi in his spare time. After done our schedule, he always visits Yu-Mi. Then, he always tell the others how’s Yu-Mi’s condition. Taemin tried his best to make Yu-Mi happy.

I knew, thought there’s a medicine for cancer, Yu-Mi’s cancer was too dangerous and I thought Taemin wanted to make all memorable experience in Yu-Mi’s life.

Taemin P.O.V

“Let’s play the Scrabble! I’ve bought the newest and hardest scrabble ever!” I shouted to Yu-Mi when visited her room.

She laughed, “Stupid! All scrabble is same! Okay… let’s play it!” and we played together. After played the Scrabble, we played Truth or Dare. She always wins so that I must be honest to her or do something weird—because she always asks me to do a terrible thing.

Once, I won. She chose ‘truth’ and I asked her about her feelings now. “Mm… I must tell the truth, right?” she smirked, “I’m afraid. Three days again, I must do a surgery. If the surgery is fail, we can’t meet again…”

I startled again. Now, I really could see a frightened in her eyes. She inhaled and smiled again, “Long time didn’t have a walk… I really want to have a walk… see the buildings… play in playground…”

“Just go for walk now…” I said and smiled to her.

“But Doctor said that if I go outside, my tumor will get worse… and my lungs will get more pain. I don’t want to die faster. But… that will make me sadder if I can’t go outside…”

“I will accompany you…” I said sudden. I didn’t know why I can say that thing.

She gasped and smiled happily, “Are you sure? Oh really… that’s one of some way that friend can do to show his or her love to others… Do you understand it?” she smiled, “Let’s go now!”


“Yes, we are!” she nodded happily. She held my hand and pulled me. She looked happily, made me happy too. We had a walk in park. We bought four bowls of sundaes. We played at playground on one kindergarten. We played at sands-box. We played until sunset. That all were fun!

We went back to hospital when the sky was getting dark. One nurse was angry with Yu-Mi because she went without any permission. Yu-Mi smiled innocently to the nurse and followed the nurse. Then, she turned around her head and winked to me.

That’s crazy. I brought a sick people went out without any permission. We had a very nice day. Yeah… very nice last day… Because Yu-Mi passed away in the afternoon, one day after that day; after we went outside.

One day after the fun day, I went to the hospital again. I had a schedule so that I visited the hospital at night. But when I asked the nurse, the nurse just sighed and shook her head. Two people beside her—a woman with short hair and a man with tired face—were Yu-Mi’s parents. They cried loudly and made my eyes blur.

“What’s wrong?” I asked confusedly. I had a bad feeling.

“Are you Yu-Mi’s friend?” the woman with short hair asked me.

I nodded. “So you are the person, handsome guy. We’re Yu-Mi’s parents. She… she gave this to us and asked us to give it to you.” She gave a letter to me.

“What? What’s wrong with her?” I started to be afraid.

“She passed away, meet The God,” Yu-Mi’s father explained shortly.

I really cried then. Yu-Mi’s tumor seriously got worse. And her lungs were weaker after went outside and made her passed away early.

I went to the park and cried alone. I opened the letter and read it.

My dearest friend, Taemin…

I knew before that we had not much time to go together. But we still went outside together. I wrote this letter after went with you. I knew that I will ‘go’ faster. Don’t be sad because I’m happy here, beside my God. Don’t feel guilty because you didn’t make any mistake

You know… you really change my life. I almost always feel lonely in the hospital. But since I know you, I learned to make my life precious. I tried my best to make a great memory. Thanks for helping me.

Because of you, I can eat ice cream and play with sands. Because of you I can see many people walk near me. Because of you I feel respectable. You know, your love makes me stronger. Your love helps me prepare for the death. Your love teaches me many things.

Ah! I remember something! When the storm of my life came, I can pass it safely because I have a great family and a friend like you. But the most important is because I have a great God. You know, in your every problem, God shows you His mighty. So, never give up and never get angry to God.

One of the greatest thing of my life isn’t I can go out side with you. The greatest thing is that I can meet you. Thanks for everything… I will never forget you…

   Your memorable friend,



  Again, I cried. But the days after that, I really get stronger. Yu-Mi… you thought that I taught you many things, so did I. I always thought that your love taught me many things. I promised I will be like you—that struggled for the life—and make my life be a better life. Because your love will never ends. Your love is safe here, in my heart.



4 thoughts on “Never Ending Love

  1. aih~ so moved :’
    kalau ternyata Taemin setiap ke hospital dan bertemu seseorang yang senasib dengan Yumi, pasti dia orang yang paling beruntung di akhir hidupnya. aaa~

    • hahahaha.. makasih.. failed nih FF -.-
      iya. sebenernya aku nangis nangis bikin FF ini.. aku juga mau banget bisa gitu sama tae-mine (tapi aku gamau mati karena kanker :p) hahaha

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